David Mosher

About Me

As I'm sure you're aware by now, I'm David Mosher (pronounced "moe-sure"). I live in Reno, Nevada and am a Senior Software Engineer. I'm married (15 years!) and have an amazing little boy.

I'm a seemingly rare breed of programmer that enjoys participating in and following sports. I am an avid golfer, bowler, tennis player, softball player, and T-Ball coach. At the time of this writing the teams I'm following include the San Francisco Giants, Colorado Rockies (local ties...ask me about it sometime), and the Seattle Seahawks.

I also have a very geeky side. I love me some pinball (even going so far as having day dreams of building my own...), programming, board games, and simply tinkering with new technology.

My Projects

I currently only have a single open source project available. Oddly enough, it's a javascript thing though at my day-to-day job I'm using PHP mostly.

jQuery CannedText

The plugin was created for efficient text entry in text areas with text completion and customizable tab stops. It was created just to see what it would take to create a jQuery plugin (not much) and mostly to just see if I could build something useful.

I hope to expand this list with other projects in the future.

Contact Me

If you want to get in touch I'm @arenowebdev on Twitter or you can email me at david@dmwc.biz.